US Election Results: Biden Wins New Hampshire, Trump to Catch up in Swing States

By webmanager, BBC 4th Nov 20 9:12 am

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Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Joe Biden forward with a nail-biting race while the former has gained a commanding lead after a nerve-wracking win in Florida.

The CNN predictions say Trump will bag Wyoming as 3 electoral votes are in question. On the other hand, Joe Biden still holds an opportunity to see a dramatic win in the state of Arizona. The table is about to turn blue from red as Mark Kelly usurps Republican Senator Martha McSally. If Arizona slips away from Trump, it would be a blow.

Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina – few of the swing states still could go either way. Texas is likely to be in a favor of the Republican candidate along with Pennsylvania. No sudden surprise is about to emerge from here.

Biden may hold on to Delaware which is his home state, and the results from New York, California, Washington, Maryland, Connecticut, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Illinois, and Vermont are likely to be in his favor.

Idaho and Montana are in Trump’s support; whereas Rhode Island, Nevada, and Maine are leaning in Biden’s way. The Democratic candidate has won New Hampshire which has been one of the pivotal states.

The country has seen the highest turnout in a century as more than 100 million citizens cast their votes on Tuesday.

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