There is No Winner yet, Trump Seems Furious as the Gap Gets Smaller

By webmanager, CNN 6th Nov 20 9:03 am

As Joe Biden continues to close the gap in Georgia, President Trump calls the election “rigged.” Though the Trump campaign has not come forward to support his claims, the absentee ballots in swing states have been known to delay the process.

Clayton County in Georgia still has 4,200 uncounted mail-in-ballots, and an expected result will be out by midnight. Trump seemed to have a strong grasp over Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, but the absentee ballots started leaning Biden’s path.

Trump is currently leading Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, and he is ahead by 26,319, 1,805, and 76,737 votes. On the other hand, Biden has taken over Nevada and Arizona which were pre-dominantly red states in previous years.

In the wee hours of Thursday night, an official of the Biden campaign said, “We are confident that we’re going to pass 270.”

Trump complained, “I’ve said very strongly that mail-in ballots are going to end up being a disaster.” As the race starts narrowing down, he feels that the situation “is getting worse and worse every day.”

In Arizona, Trump has received 48.5% of the vote and Biden has got 50.1% of the vote. The former VP leads the state by 46,257 votes. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said that the ballots did not link to “disenfranchisement.”

On Thursday, US stocks went up, and it has been one of the great weeks for Wall Street. The delayed results have not affected the stock market. On other news, the US made a new record for daily coronavirus cases, the number was approximately 121,054.

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