US Election: Priorities for Joe Biden’s Transition Team

By webmanager, BBC 10th Nov 20 7:50 am

Joe Biden: 'I implore you, wear a mask'

After his victory over Donald Trump, as Joe Biden prepares to take the US presidency in January 2021, he faces a daunting list of challenges.

One of the first of them is to tackle the situation that has been caused by deadly Covid-19. In a clear sign of his priorities, his first act was to unveil the team he has tasked with leading the fight against coronavirus.

Mr. Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, met the 13-strong Covid-19 task force in Mr. Biden’s home state Delaware, on Monday.

In a TV address, he said “I implore you, wear a mask”, calling it the “single most effective thing we can do to stop the spread of Covid”.

He added: “A mask is not a political statement but it is a good way to start pulling the country together.”

“This is a crisis that affects everyone and I will be a president for everyone,” he said. “We can get this virus under control, I promise you”, he said.

According to the US media, Mr. Biden’s other transition plans include rejoining the Paris climate agreement, reversing the decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization, ending the ban on citizens from seven mostly Muslim countries, etc.

It is also expected that Mr. Biden will reinstate an Obama-era policy of granting immigration status to undocumented migrants who entered the US as children and make addressing racism a key policy, such as better access to affordable housing for black and minority communities.

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