Jill Biden, the Incoming First Lady, is Making History with her Full-time Job

By webmanager, CBS News 20th Nov 20 8:31 am

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Kamala Harris has already made history by becoming the first Black and Indian-American vice president-elect of the United States. Now, the family of the president-elect is in the center of discussions – Jill Biden becomes the first-ever FLOTUS to retain her full-time job, as a teacher.

The incoming FLOTUS has been associated with this field for the past 36 years and holds 4 degrees. She said in Where The Light Enters, “Everyone assumed I’d stop teaching and become a full-time second lady,”

“But not only did I want to keep teaching, I was being recruited by the dean at Nova.”

Known as DR. B among her students, she continued to teach at Northern Virginia Community College during her tenure as the second lady.

However, working as a full-time English teacher and serving as the first lady might come with a set of challenges – managing her responsibilities in the office and the Secret Service agents providing protection.

An associate professor at George Washington University, Scott White, commented, “I think it’s brilliant she’s considering it, and I think it can be done in a manner that’s acceptable.”

“That’s what [the Secret Service] deal[s] with. High-profile targets are their business, and that’s what they do every day and they’re very good at it.”

One of Biden’s students, Karolina Straznikiewicz said, “My brain was telling me that it’s so impossible that a second lady of the United States would teach in a community college around here … I am pretty sure that a lot of the students in the classroom had no idea who she was until the end of the semester.”

If Jill Biden continues to teach, she will definitely be making history. She has started working with teachers and discussing with members of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

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