Trump Holds Chances to Win Key Swing States, Biden Inches Closer to 270

By webmanager, CNN 5th Nov 20 8:41 am

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Joe Biden inches toward victory, but it is too early to call whether Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada will be painted in red or blue. President Trump’s campaign is mulling over taking legal actions since votes are being counted in Nevada and Arizona.

US elections results have taken a dramatic twist with the lawsuits from Trump’s campaign in the key states. Democrat candidate Joe Biden is leaning on the path to victory with 264 electoral votes; whereas Trump stands with 214 votes.

Fulton County, the most populated county in Georgia, is all set to count the votes throughout the night. As per the latest report, 17,000 votes are yet to be counted. However, approximately 90,735 ballots remain uncounted all over Georgia.

North Carolina, having been in favor of red for years, turns out to be competitive this year. Many cities are leaning on the path of the Democrats but the rural areas are being painted in red. So far, Joe Biden has earned 48.7% and Donald Trump 50.1% of the votes.

Even though Biden is moving forward to make history in Arizona, red hats are yet showing up. Maricopa County still has to release one more set of ballots which will hopefully complete the counting.

On Wednesday, Biden said in Wilmington, “When the count is finished we believe we will be the winners.”

“I will govern as an American president. The presidency itself is not a partisan institution.”

The Democrat candidate had a “very good” feeling about Pennsylvania. However, there are chances of Trump being re-elected again – if he loses Wisconsin but wins Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona or Nevada. It is neck-and-neck in Nevada but the president still has a lead in Georgia and North Carolina. 

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