U.S. Election 2020: Florida’s Seniors Shifted Their Support from Trump as COVID-19 Virus Surges

By webmanager, msn 14th Oct 20 10:37 am

A resident of The Villages, Florida, holds a "Biden Harris 2020" campaign poster, as he participates in a golf cart parade to celebrate the nomination of Joe Biden for Democratic presidential candidate and Kamala Harris for vice president


It should have been a pleasant dotage in coastal Florida for Gregory Zec, a 69-year-old and his septuagenarian wife. Instead, they are contemplating a retirement owing to the fear of the COVID-19 outbreak that has killed around 215,000 Americans.”The big thing for me is the coronavirus because that is killing a lot of people and it’s getting worse,” said Zec, 69, who lives with his 72-year-old wife in Sarasota on Florida’s west coast.

He said that some of his near and dear ones had fallen sick from this deadly virus, and some ended up in intensive care.

“Looks like by the end of the year as many people will be dead from this as from World War II,” Zec told AFP.

“I don’t want to be one and I don’t want my wife to be one,” said Zec. “The magnitude is big.”

Zec did not reveal who he voted for in 2016 but he said that he would not be going to vote for President Donald Trump on November 3.

The way Trump dealt with his own infection, stage-managing his return from hospital to the White House in a helicopter, didn’t help change his opinion.

“When he got off the helicopter, I thought it was pathetic,” said Zec. “He had a lot of spray tan on, makeup which I don’t like to see in a man, and standing on a balcony remind me of Benito Mussolini,” the Italian fascist leader.

Opinion polls suggest that his voting group in a traditionally Republican stronghold is slowly moving towards his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

Besides, people who voted for a third-party candidate in 2016 are leaning toward the former vice president.

All these shifted people’s support from Trump to Biden and now, it is difficult to predict what is going to happen.

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