Unifor President Jerry Dias Excited over the Deal with Ford

By webmanager, CBC 23rd Sep 20 2:23 pm

Jerry Dias, president of the Unifor union, announced a tentative agreement with Ford Motor Co., which includes five electric vehicle models and battery production in Oakville, Ont., and an engine for Ford's Windsor, Ont., plants. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)


On Tuesday, Ford Motor Co. made a provisional labor agreement with the Canadian auto workers. The deal included $1.95 billion being invested in the Canadian plant, and $1.8 billion will be directed to Oakville, Ontario for 5 electric cars.

Unifor president Jerry Dias made the announcement, “This is a major commitment from Ford Motor Company – huge.”

“You don’t make that type of commitment and make a minor splash and move on. This is going to be key facilities for Ford … a decades-long commitment.”

The production of electric cars is likely to start in 2024 as the plant is about to be remodeled. The president also thanked the federal and local politicians for showing support.

“I stand here with confidence saying that once the plant is retooled, I believe, and I say this with conviction, that our members should be able to retire with their pension from Ford Motor Company,” Dias commented.

“Retooling will start in 2024,” added the Unifor president. “We’re going to have the first vehicle roll off in 2025 and there will be five models. Another will roll off in 2028. And we’re definitely going to be assembling batteries in Oakville. This is going to be a long-term investment.”

Dias seemed to be pleased with the result, and the union looks forward to negotiating with Fiat Chrysler and General Motors.

In 2017, Unifor was vocal against a General Motors plant designated to manufacture Chevrolet Equinox small SUV. The union also protested against GM and attempted to halt the auto production in Ontario.

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