Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Cases are Rising, Moderna Shows Positive Signs

By webmanager, The New York Times 1st Dec 20 7:07 am

A Covid testing site at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.Credit...Tim Gruber for The New York Times


It is December, and the virus is still spreading like wildfire taking the figure of an epidemic. A vast majority is vulnerable to coronavirus.

The Thanksgiving holiday has resulted in a sharp escalation, and the number of deaths is only going up. The upcoming holiday season bears the omen of touching a new milestone since one million cases are tested positive per week in the US.

Moderna’s vaccine now shows 94% efficacy after the first trial. The company has received $2.48 billion US Federal funds and was a pivotal part of Operation Warp Speed.

Similar to Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna has utilized novel mRNA to produce the vaccine, and it includes the genetic code of the coronavirus. The final data published by Pfizer shows the vaccine has 95% efficacy.

However, the problem with rising cases seems to have been caused by people failing to follow proper safety protocols. Winter and spring are susceptible to be more crucial than ever. In the spring, the death toll may cross the average 2,200-record.

On the other hand, epidemiologists predict that the number of deaths might be two times more than 250,000 by March. The dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, Dr. Ashish Jha, said, “The next three months are going to be just horrible.”

Hospitals are brimming with fresh cases, and Los Angeles advises new-stay home regulations due to the rapid increase. Barbara Ferrer said, “We know we are asking a lot from so many who have been sacrificing for months on end. Acting with collective urgency right now is essential if we want to put a stop to this surge.”

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