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The WikiPost Privacy Policy

The WikiPost (“We” or “we”) is firmly obligated to protect users’ data and privacy and enable a secured online experience for each and every subscriber and user at the time of providing the best-quality reporting and services. The Privacy Policy sheds light on the particulars our organisation collects, how we utilize it, to whom our entity reveals exclusive information and other data users have used, and how to rectify or alter private information that users shared with us. We earnestly request you to go through the entire Privacy Policy mentioned below, along with our Terms and Conditions of Use and get in touch with us if you have further queries.

  1. What Type of Information do We Gather from You?

Personal Information

We accumulate personally recognizable data, including mail addresses, full names, demographic details, e-mail addresses and other similar facts in a wide range of situations, involving but not restricted to these:

  1. When you sign up on one of our web pages linked to the acquisition of publication, assistance, product
  2. When you put the private data on one of the web pages for entering in a contest or participating sweepstakes and promotions launched by the websites
  • When you want to get a service or product fulfilled by another partner who is willing to cater to the needs of our consumers.

Some of our websites can gather credit card associated financial data when you show interest in buying a product or make a subscription to service or reporting presented via the web pages. If you want to make a subscription for one of our services, publications online or place an order, it is necessary to set up a credit card account with the vendors. Some of the websites may gather social security numbers from customers when the customers utilize one of our auto-related websites and want to get a quote from auto-lender which is also a part of the website’s auto-lender network. In these situations, we gather social security numbers for satisfying customers’ requests to get quotes or financial proposals from a lender on the webpage’s auto-lender network.

Data Gathered Automatically

Our sites spontaneously accumulate particular data; include browser type, access times, IP address, website references and domain name. This contributes to facilitating a user’s online experience on the web pages. Kindly take a look at Section IV and V of Privacy Policy for more information on web beacons, cookies and other data accumulated automatically by our sites.

  1. What do We do with Gathered Information?

We utilize the private data the users provide to permit them to buy, to attain their requests, products and services, to upgrade publications and to update you with promotional offers connected to The WikiPost and to run the business. You can unsubscribe for not receiving promotional offers via e-mail at any time. We also make use of the gathered information to assess and administer services and products, manage any issues on the rise, like problems in exploring the website, or share news articles via e-mail to third parties who may have an interest in them. We do not store e-mail addresses of the recipient or sender of the links or articles once they are sent and never share the e-mail addresses with third-parties.

  • How do We Share Private Information?

We share your data as mentioned below.

Sharing within The WikiPost Family. We perhaps share private data with the parent company, ancillary, or associated entity within the WikiPost family. All organisations within the corporate family may gain access to personal information, including aggregate, incognito demographic information.

Contributing Vendors. Some of our websites provide chances to buy online from unique contributing vendors. On the web pages with online buying opportunities for merchandise and products, we can also provide contributing sellers order details and authorization for the bank. When you place an order from a contributing seller, that seller spontaneously can get the information linked to the order. Participating sellers can also use the information to suggest to you instantly of other offerings or products that they represent.

The WikiPost Service Providers. The WikiPost can decide to share users’ data with organisations that collaborate on behalf of or with The WikiPost. The entities further utilize data to supply you information about attractive offers, products and services, or to guide The WikiPost in catering to the consumers, grasping a hold of the market, or finding a strategy to extend your reach in the consumer market.

Lead Purchasers. The WikiPost may take a decision on sharing your information with third parties who acquire leads from the organisation, such as banks and automotive dealers. Some of the sites need users to impart private data in order to get offers or quotes from fulfillment partners who can offer products and assistance to you that The WikiPost does not provide at once. In these examples, your information will be sent to the third parties who recompense The WikiPost for leads conveyed to those third parties.

Credit Card Organisations; Third-Party Payment Services; Third-Party Promotional Websites. For the transaction, a user’s credit company requires appropriate information regarding the vendor’s name; item(s) bought, entire cost and date. The WikiPost never provides any private information to the user’s credit company. We may employ third party payment methods and transaction aid to run the transactions and process the orders.

Other Third Parties. In some cases, we share your personal data with third parties which include sponsors, promotional or business partners and advertisers, when you are still subscribed to receiving promotional emails from third parties. If you are not keen to receive the communications, you may take upon the chance to opt-out of steps accommodated in any written communication email The WikiPost posts you or by going through the steps mentioned in Section VII of the Privacy Policy.

Fulfillment Partners. Some of the sites are devised to get through transactions between the user and the third party. To execute it, The WikiPost gathers and conveys further personal information such as credit card data, so that the third party can offer the service or product upon your request. As the fulfillment partners can store or utilize data regardless of the acquisition of the product or employment of the service, the user’s personal information is subjected to the fulfillment partners’ privacy policies.

Public Sharing. If a user chooses to share his or her personal information online, other users can collect the data. Consequently, the user needs to take caution at the time of posting personal information in a community where other users are also present.

Necessary Divulgence of Information. The WikiPost reserves the right to use or reveal any data without consent or notice as required by law, legal request, or regulation, in order to assist in investigations of customer complaints or even plausible breaches; to safeguard the integrity of our websites and our assets and property and ensure adherence to the terms; to keep safe the safety of the visitors or other users; to satisfy users’ requests; or to collaborate in a legal process or investigation.

  1. How do We Utilize Cookies?

The users’ web browsers offer cookies that, if you permit their utilization, save a small parentage of information on the computer at the time of visiting a site. Cookies do not carry personal information about the user; hence, cannot be utilized to recognize the user personally. Cookies guide The WikiPost in finding which of the specifications the users like most, and also allow our authority to custom-make the content as per the users’ preferences. The users can turn down or accept cookies by altering the browser and our sites detectable even when the users decline the cookie request on the web browser. Nevertheless, if the users decline cookies, some of the best and personalized aspects of the website will be lost. Additionally, The WikiPost can sell, transfer and/or sell cookies to other third parties with whom our organisation maintains a commercial link. If the users do not want cookies to be utilized in this way, they have the option to remove the collection of cookies.

In addition to the context, our company uses third-parties to gather non-personally recognized data at the time the users visit the sites. Some of the third-parties acquire data while distributing advertisements on the sites when other entities gather information in the absence of their ads. The organisations also employ cookies to share the data.

  1. How do We Make Use of Technological Tools?

A significant number of tools exist to review consumer behavior offline and online. The WikiPost makes use of different tools, involving web analytics techniques, web beacons and other marketing tools, to track consumer behavior and to acknowledge the scopes of improving the services. Many of the third-parties provide the tools to The WikiPost for the purpose of behavioral marketing and consumer behavior. While utilizing behavioral marketing tools, our organisation might automatically gather non-private information from the users; however, it is not restricted to – IP or Internet Protocol address employed to link you’re the internet to your computer; e-mail addresses, login details, content viewed, connection details for the browser data; purchase history, that can be aggregated with other data for analytics.

Some of the websites, newsletters and promotional emails can feature electronic messages which are well-known as web beacons. Web beacons are not put to use for accessing personally recognizable information, but these are only a method to gather aggregated data about the utilization of the websites and to trace the users who have read or responded to the promotional e-mails. Web beacons gather only a restricted set of statistics involving time and date, cookie number and description of the content on which the technological tool works.

  1. What do the Third-Party Advertisers do?

Banners shown in the web pages are supplied by third parties. The advertisements have cookies and can also be a part of web beacons. Contradicting to the web beacons and cookies utilized by The WikiPost on the site, web beacons or cookies accepted with the banner ads are gathered by the sponsors or advertisers and our organisation cannot get access to the data. The WikiPost makes use of third parties for serving all the ads planted on our web pages and they can utilize the information about the users’ visits. The organisations can also utilize web beacons, cookies and action tags for checking the effectiveness of the ads. They can also distribute the anonymous data with the clients like time or data of the banner displayed, the IP address, etc.

  • How can Users Keep their Personal Information under Control?

 The WikiPost has confidence in when and how the users are notified is important to customer delight, so our team provides multiple options for users to revise contact address, alter preferences, or decline to receive further emails.

  1. When a user has an online account on our website, he or she can log on and revise, review, or change his or her contact address.
  2. When a user subscribes to a magazine, he or she can log on, modify, or alter account or contact details by reaching out to us.
  3. If a user wants to unsubscribe to the newsletters or e-mail updates by going through the unsubscribe methods.
  4. Users can also write to our team when you want to deactivate or modify your contact details.
  5. Users are requested to write to our team if they wish us to stop sending promotional messages via e-mail.
  6. Users are requested to contact us at [email protected] regarding the handling of their private data.

  • Privacy and Security of Personal Information

The WikiPost utilizes Secure Socket Layer technology to convert essential information, like users’ credit card details, for averting unauthorized access at the time of transactions of orders. Our company integrates standard practices fitting to the level of sensitivity of data included to keep up the privacy of the personal information and to steer clear of its revelation excluding as elaborated in this Privacy Policy. Users’ sensitive information can be safeguarded by the password you produced when they signed up on the websites where the option is available. The confidentiality of the password depends on the users. The users have the option to change it when they wish by following the methods as directed on the website. Nevertheless, our team tries its best to keep the personal information secured when the data is maintained by the internal team, privacy at the time of transmissions or in other systems cannot be guaranteed. We inform our source employees regarding the privacy measures through regular correspondences and training. The WikiPost restricts access to personal information to the agents or employees to recover the information. The users’ data are stored in various service systems and safe environments. We cannot assure the privacy of the private information, and The WikiPost is not responsible for the privacy practices of the third parties.

  1. Children’s Privacy

The large scale of our published content on the websites is aimed at adults. Some of the publications and sites are for teens 13 or order; however, can involve material or features which appeal to children under 13. The WikiPost is firmly devoted to safeguarding the privacy and security of individuals who visit the sites. We never intentionally gather personal data online from children who are under the age of 13. Many of our websites have bulletin boards and other specifications that are unsuitable for children who are yet to be 13. The WikiPost encourages parents to engage in a discussion with their children regarding online safety and to observe their kids’ activities on the internet.

Contact Us

Our Privacy Officers and Data Privacy Officers are responsible for the compliance with relevant privacy law and Privacy Policy. All queries, complaints and concerns about personal sensitive information can be addressed to our concerning personnel:

By Email

[email protected]

Please check the Privacy Policy again as the information may change periodically depending on the practices and requirements. If users continue to utilise the services after The WikiPost brings changes into the Privacy Policy, they are agreeing to the latest version of the Privacy Policy.