President Trump Contradicts CDC Director on the Availability of COVID-19 Vaccine

By webmanager, msn 17th Sep 20 1:47 pm

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The U.S. President Donald Trump contradicted the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine to the general public and mask-wearing.On Wednesday, President told that a vaccine will be available as early as October and the Americans will get it soon afterward, while the chief of the CDC confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccine will not be ready until the end of 2020.In a news briefing, Trump told reporters, “We’re all set to distribute immediately. We are set to — it could be in October, or in November. It could be later than that, but I think it will be in October”. “We will be able to distribute at least 100 million vaccine doses by the end of 2020. And a large number much sooner than that”.

According to Robert Redfield, the head of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the coronavirus vaccine likely would not be ready until late November or December, and it would take around “six to nine” months to get every American vaccinated.

“Under no circumstance will it be as late as the doctor said. We are ready at a much faster level than he said,” the president added. “I think he made a mistake when he said that. It’s just incorrect information”.

In a tweet, Redfield said, “The best defense we currently have against this virus are the important mitigation efforts of wearing a mask, washing your hands, social distancing and being careful about crowds.”

When Trump was asked at the news briefing whether he would wear masks to be a good role model, Trump told that he has been a good role model, and mocks Biden about how much he wears his mask.

“Joe feels very safe in a mask,” Trump told. “Maybe he doesn’t want to expose his face.”

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