G20 Summit 2020 Ends with the Vow to Provide Coronavirus Vaccines to All

By webmanager, msn 23rd Nov 20 12:39 pm

©Yves Herman The two-day summit of heads of state was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic (Yves Herman/AP)


The leaders of the most powerful nations of the world wrapped up the G20 summit on Sunday with the pledge to leave no stone unturned to protect lives and ensure economical access to coronavirus vaccines for all people.

The two-day summit that was held virtually includes the UK, US, India, China, France, Germany, Japan and others, stressed the importance of the global access to COVID-19 vaccines and vowed “to spare no effort to protect lives”.

“We will spare no effort to ensure their affordable and equitable access for all people, consistent with members’ commitments to incentivize innovation,” the statement said.

The G20 expressed support for efforts like Covax, an initiative to distribute COVID-19 vaccines all across the world.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Fortunately, there’s now hope for vaccines”. “It is important that not only Europe secures vaccines, as the European Union is doing now but … that it is important for the entire world” to have access to vaccines.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman rounded out the summit, saying the G20′s final statement “succeeded in sending out a message of hope and reassurance to our citizens and all people around the world”.

He further added: “This is what the world has been expecting from us.

“This achievement today is a culmination of our joint efforts throughout this challenge-fraught year.”

Saudi Arabia presided over the G20 this year and hosted the virtual summit that was originally intended to be held in-person in Riyadh before the pandemic.

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