UK Government Imposes a Strict Lockdown to Fight off the Wave of Coronavirus

By webmanager, The Telegraph 28th Sep 20 4:09 pm

Boris Johnson tightening restrictions on 'the rule of six' in an address to the House of Commons on September 22


“Perilous turning point” was the term used by Boris Johnson as he focuses on keeping the second wave of coronavirus at bay. Earlier, he introduced the ‘rule of six’ and hinted at increasing the fine amount from £200 to £100.

The new lockdown restrictions included sporting events, restaurants, pubs, and bars to be shut for 2 weeks. However, factories, offices, shops, and schools remain open. Indoor and outdoor gatherings are not permissible anymore. Restaurant-goers and pub-hoppers need to maintain the “five people at a time” rule.

Individuals across England are legally instructed to self-isolate if they are positive. Fines for serious breaches or repeat offenders can start at £1,000 and stretch to £10,000.

From September 28, the number of wedding guests cannot cross the limit of 15 anymore. Sir Patrick Vallance alerted that the daily cases could cross the 50,000-mark. The majority of the UK population is “susceptible” to the novel coronavirus.

He also added, “We have to break unnecessary links between households because that is the way in which this virus is transmitted”.

Colder weather can bring a new set of problems as Prof Whitty commented, “At this point the seasons are against us, we’re now going into the seasons – late autumn and winter – which benefit respiratory viruses, and it is very likely they will benefit Covid, as they do, for example, flu.”

The rules and restrictions apply in other parts of the UK. Northern Ireland has capped the limit of outdoor social gathering to 15 and Wales to 30.

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