Coronavirus Situation Worsens as 35K Students Tested Positive on Campus

By webmanager, covid update 9th Sep 20 2:16 pm

As students return to hundreds of colleges and universities, the transmission rages on. More than 200 colleges and universities are under investigation as the actual number of cases might be higher. Some of the schools do not disclose the information on the online portals.

The surge in Indiana might take a plunge as the city is going to face a new travel order soon. 15 cases are tracked per 1000,000 residents, according to last week’s survey.  Looking at recent data, more than 1000,000 people tested positive, and 596 new cases are included.

9 of 12 four-year universities have detected 2,996 new cases this fall. Chicago State, Governor’s state, and Northeastern Illinois universities have not published anything online so far. The reporting can take a toll as these three institutions have a wide network of commuter students.

Chicago Public Schools are about to start remote learning this week and parents are hopeful about this approach. It is now a matter of time to see how colleges and universities combat the issue without impeding bright futures.

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