No Face-offs for the Presidential Debate, Dueling Town Halls for Trump vs. Biden

By webmanager, Associated Press 15th Oct 20 12:42 pm

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Des Moines International Airport, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Instead of another face-to-face debate, Trump and his opponent Biden are going to compete in town hall meetings. The contenders will take questions for the TV audiences on different networks.

On Thursday, Biden will appear on ABC from Philadelphia and Trump on NBC from Miami. The president pulled out of faceoff after the debate committee made changes in the virtual event after his coronavirus diagnosis.

Only a little more than a month left for the campaign, the candidates are undertaking essential measures for the electoral needs. Today, Biden is up for raising campaign money at a virtual event. On the other side, Trump is out for a midday rally in North Carolina.  

Hoda Kotb said, “The event is set to take place outdoors and in accordance with the guidelines set forth by health officials, also consistent with all government regulations.”

National Institutes of Health Clinical Director Clifford Lane published a statement “with a high degree of confidence” that the president does not have the chance to shed the “infectious virus.”

Trump has been trying to garner support from the big businesses and voters in Iowa. However, he has expressed his doubt by stating that voters might show support for Biden. Trump later added, “For me to only be up six, I’m a little bit concerned.” Many of the polls showed a close race.

Joe Biden has recently organized a virtual fundraiser from Wilmington where he opposed Trump’s actions in repealing the Obama health care law. The president’s come back in Iowa is now seen as a ploy to defend his performance in the first debate. 

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