US Election Campaign All Set to Continue without Trump’s Presence

By webmanager, The Guardian 5th Oct 20 2:02 pm

Joe Biden boards his campaign plane before traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 2 October.


The Trump campaign team woke up to a setback as they found out the president is 14 points behind for the presidential race. VP Mike Pence and Trump’s family members are likely to take over the virtual and in-person rallies during the president’s absenteeism.

Since Biden is leading the polls, this does not conclude his victory. In 2016, Hillary Clinton continued to lead until the electoral college.

Steve Cortes, the senior adviser from Trump’s campaign, commented, “It’s important that our campaign vigorously proceeds.”

“The Maga [Make America Great Again) movement is bigger than just President Trump. He’s instrumental of course but he is not the only key element. The other people, including of course the vice-president, campaign people, millions of regular Americans need to step up and to some degree fill the void that is left because our champion, our main instrument, is not able at this moment to vigorously campaign.”

However, Biden took over the leading position right after the chaotic debate in which Trump forwarded with interrupting his opponent.

Another senior adviser from Trump’s team has added, “We’re in a campaign, we have a month to go, we see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out there campaigning.”

“He’s going to have a full aggressive schedule, as will the first family, Don, Eric, Ivanka. We have a number of our supporters, our coalition, Black Voices for Trump, Latinos for Trump, the whole operation Maga will be deploying everywhere.

“We can’t hide from this virus forever, we have to take it head on [and] as soon as we’re able to get back out there in person we’ll do so.”

The election has surely taken an interesting turn, and America waits for the epic choice in November.

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