UK Lockdown: Hefty Fines for Breach of Rule

By webmanager, BBC 6th Nov 20 9:14 am

PA MEDIA A worker shuts the doors in a bar in Bristol city centre, ahead of the lockdown beginning

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister insists on a second COVID-19 lockdown that will end on December 2, despite suggestions it could be extended in case it fails to cut infections.

It came as the UK recorded a further 492 COVID-19 deaths – the highest daily figure since 19 May and 25,177 confirmed cases.

Under the rules, people are told to remain at home except for specific reasons and non-essential shops, including shops, gyms, leisure and entertainment venues, and pubs ordered to close.

Unless in a support bubble, households are also restricted from mixing indoors or in private gardens.

For every breach, now, there is a fine of £200 fine that will be doubled on every offense up to a maximum of £6,400. And organizers will be fined £10,000 for any kind of large gatherings.

When talking about how police would respond to “egregious breaches’, Mr. Buckland said to BBC Breakfast, “Where a more intense intervention is needed then the police will be involved and of course the fine structure is still in force.”

Unlike the first lockdown that was imposed in March, schools, universities, and nurseries will remain open. And people will be able to meet other people who don’t live with, in an outdoor public place such as a beach or park.

There was “no change” to a ban on religious services. The official spokesperson of Boris Johnson said the government was continuing to work with faith leaders, as well as added places of worship will remain open for private prayers.

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