Millions are Thinking of Travelling over the Holiday Week for Thanksgiving

By webmanager, CNN 25th Nov 20 10:21 am


Experts predict that the US Covid-19 cases are likely to reach the 20-million mark by Inauguration Day. Amid the woes of a high number of cases, traveling for Thanksgiving leaves the nation in a worrisome state.

Millions of people have already made travel plans over the week; however, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged people not to travel if unnecessary.

The pandemic has taken a toll on people’s mental health, and many Americans are looking forward to seeing their families after a long gap. A retired public health nurse, namely, Gail Duilio had to cancel her reservations for her mother’s birthday and the holiday.

She told CNN, “When making the arrangements a month ago, I felt the risks vs. benefits weighed on the side of going.”

Travel organization AAA commented that there might be a 10% drop in travel during the holiday week. Approximately 48 million travelers will take their cars out – this indicates a 4.3% drop from the last year.

Amidst the high rate of transmission, Julio Perez from Palm Bay intends to fly and see his mother.

He said, “I’ll be taking sanitary wipes in a zip lock bag to clean surfaces and not touch door handles while at the airport. I will also be wearing a mask the whole time. Good thing the trip is only 1.5 hours of flight time.”

Healthcare professionals express their concerns over drivers making frequent stops and interacting with others in the diver-through or dining spaces.

AAA advises travelers to go through state and local travel restrictions, involving screening requirements.

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