US is Grappling with Rising Cases of COVID-19, Death Numbers are Increasing Slowly

By webmanager, msn 30th Nov 20 8:38 am

Erinn Springer for The New York Times A hospital in Pipestone, Minn., last week.


The curve is not likely to flatten anytime soon as the United States registers 4 million cases in November.

In the last month, the country has recorded 1.9 million cases. A dramatic escalation seems to be caused by the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday sales.

On an average day, more than 170,000 people are now tested. In the past week, 1.1 million were tested positive. The United States now witnesses the largest outbreak of COVID-19 in the world.

Several states are yet to publish data on the Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s quite understandable the numbers are astronomically high. On Nov. 19, 1,962 deaths and 187,000 cases were registered.

However, the omen of positive cases going uncounted is not hard to overlook. In some areas of Wisconsin and Louisiana, the testing sites arranged by the National Guard are reported to be closed.

The reports of overcrowded hospitals all over the country are not new. According to a report, 91,635 cases of hospitalization are recorded. Though the case numbers vary, the number of deaths has been going up gradually.

Tom Inglesby of Johns Hopkins University said, “We are on track to continue this accelerated pace of the epidemic and see even more speed of rise of cases because of the movement indoors, of activities around the country and because large numbers of people have moved around the country for the holidays.”

Sources tell that at least one vaccine is likely to get approval by the end of this year, but people must act responsibly.

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