Man City vs. Liverpool – A Draw Seems Advantageous for the Shark Team

By webmanager, The Guardian 9th Nov 20 10:55 am

Liverpool’s Alisson celebrates after Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne misses a penalty. Photograph: Clive Brunskill/Reuters

Manchester City and Liverpool continued head-to-head suspense, but a draw seemed only a fair result.

The early phase went off as adventurous and dramatic, but the second half was slow and rather uneventful. However, the well-recognized Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp seemed happy.

He perceived the game as “super football.” He further added, “Two top teams ready for a massive fight – energy levels of both teams incredible. You could see after 10-15 mins everybody breathing (uh huhhh!). I’m really happy – City’s lowest number of chances against us.

“Top, top start. We had counter attacking moments. So many. We obviously didn’t finish it off which is a shame.”

Manchester City failed to make the best out of their opportunities as Kevil De Bruyne missed a penalty right before half-time. Pep Guardiola must have been happy with the result since Liverpool attempted at dominating from the start.

Even though both teams could chance upon; however, the second half went by without any breathtaking event. A controversy was on the rise when Joe Gomez handled De Bryune around the area.

Liverpool’s Salah scored a goal at 13 minutes, and City’s Jesus at 31 minutes.

Gabriel Jesus said, “It’s a top opponent – we know they work hard and have a lot of amazing players. We had the chance to win the game but we didn’t take it. We have to win at home so it’s not a good result for us but it was a tough game…. [did you mean the turn for the goal?] Yeah. As an attacker you have to try things – I tried it and I scored a goal.”

The draw proved to be beneficial for Man City, and there is a possibility it is going to be an exciting season.

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