The Fate of Football College Remains Undecided – No Vote on Back to the Field

By webmanager, CBS Sports 14th Sep 20 4:58 pm



Big Ten presidents and chancellors took part in a virtual conference on Sunday for deciding whether to postpone college football and other sports till 2021. The meeting drew attention to the medical information and the effective measures undertaken in the meantime.

University chancellors and presidents joined Sunday’s meeting; however, the one held on Saturday had 8 of the members.

On September 13th, the council did not go for voting. People linked to the discussion could not confirm when this is going to happen soon. The core members of Big Ten commented that the vote resulted in 11-3 when the delay of the season was discussed in August. This revealed a significant situation – the college football season was at risk.

One of the main concerns is related to the risk of myocarditis in the hearts of players who have already been tested positive. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center reported that 26 athletes had the potential of getting affected by myocarditis.

Earlier, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio State nodded for fall football; however, 60% majority gave a red signal. On August 21st, parents of the league players came out in protest. 8 of the Nebraska players sued the league in the hope of canceling the season.

The raging backlash from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan went inside and outside the meeting. Plenty of coaches publicly disregarded the college leaders and were vocal to alter the decision. The on-going debate could not afford to miss the White House’s attention.

Now, everyone waits for the vote – according to the bylaws, at least 60% of members need to approve the decision.

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