2020 Left its Blow on the U.S. Open: Coronavirus, Misfortune, and Winning

By webmanager, US Open 9th Sep 20 1:50 pm

2020 started under a gray cloud of the global pandemic, and it continues to hurl unbelievable, unpredictable losses and wins. From no fans in stands to major hiccups to celebratory wins – the U.S. Open keeps on marching in its classic glory.

Brad Gilbert added that the fans’ roars and jeers created the atmosphere in the court, and having no external distraction and crowd did tug the heartstrings of tennis lovers.

N.B.A does not have the financial backup as the U.S.T.A, and it could not accommodate the international players in quarantine for 2 weeks.

As for now, Paire is the only player tested positive, but the devil is still on loose. 7 players who came in contact with Paire are under crucial restrictions.

While history is being made, Novak Djokovic’s throwing a ball absentmindedly at a line judge is going down to the hall of peculiar incidents forever. The Grand Slam rule book has labeled his outcome of frustration as “unsportsmanlike conduct” as he suffers from disqualification from the tournament.

Since fans are reeling from the absence of Nadal, Federer, and now Djokovic – Serena inches towards the title, making her way to the quarterfinals.

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