LeBron Watches The Last Dance, Calls It Doing ‘Homework’, After Winning NBA Finals

By webmanager, CBS Sports 15th Oct 20 11:59 am

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In what should come as a sudden surprise to absolutely no one, LeBron James taking the Lon Angeles Lakers, as well as winning the fourth championship if his career on Sunday rekindled the question of who the greatest basketball player of all the time is: LeBron or Michael Jordan?

As it turns out, the comparisons seem to not just be on the mind of unoriginal fans, however, also on LeBron’s.

On Wednesday, James posted a photo of himself in a gloomy room watching the Jordan documentary series, The Last Dance on his Instagram story. The photo included the caption “BACK AT IT DOING MY HOMEWORK” with an emoji of a document and a stack of books.

One of the knocks those who believe Jordan is superior to James in that debate is the difference in championships. The Bulls won six titles, while LeBron has needed 10 finals appearances to get his four titles.

However, regardless of how he got them, the Lakers star is two championships away from tying the player he’s been compared to for at least the last decade.

It would be reckless to think that LeBron is looking at this documentary to do thorough research on how to win a championship the way Jordan did, as well as present it.

At the same time, by mentioning he is doing “homework,” James, one of the leading players in NBA history, is admitting that there are still things to learn as he keeps working on his craft, even nearly two decades into his NBA career.

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