Neymar, Messi Make their Way for Victory in World Cup Qualifying

By webmanager, The Washington Post 14th Oct 20 10:53 am

Brazil’s Neymar celebrates scoring his third goal against Peru during a qualifying soccer match for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 at the National Stadium, in Lima, Peru, Tuesday, Oct.13, 2020. (Paolo Aguilar, Pool via AP) (Associated Press)


Where Neymar’s hat-trick managed a win for Brazil, Messi’s Argentina scored its first victory in South America World Cup qualifying.Neymar secured two goals from the spot and another time in extra time to give the team a taste of success – whereas Brazil rallied behind two times.Lionel Messi’s team also showcased a new dimension as it picked up the game in the high altitude of La Paz while facing Bolivia. When the players are not acquainted with the altitude, this can turn out to be a problem. Argentina quite had the same problem.

“It was a great win in the altitude, where it costs more,” Messi posted in social media channels.

“There’s still a lot to go, the qualifiers have just started, and we are very happy for these two wins.”

The first half was not as fantastic as Argentina, and Marcelo Moreno led the team with a free header. However, the second half was an eyesore for the Bolivian fans – the team lost its intensity from the first half.

The game lost its charm as the number of fouls grew. Even though Bolivia earnestly attempted to seek an equalizer, it was not enough. Argentina had their first triumph in La Paz since 2005, and they tackled three humongous points for the qualifying campaign.

For Brazil vs. Peru, the latter commenced the journey with an aggressive style and achieved a perk in the sixth minute. Brazil soon bounced back and Neymar’s brilliant presence got them their first penalty. The star player brought the first equalizing goal in the 28th minute.

So far, the legendary teams have stolen the spotlight in the South America World Cup qualifying campaign.

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