The Surge of E-Scooters has Left Many Local Residents Upset in Rome

By webmanager, Reuters 22nd Sep 20 12:37 pm

Electric Scooters are parked near Italian Prime Minister's office Palazzo Chigi, in Rome Italy, September 18, 2020, Reuters/Guglielmo Mangiapane


Amidst the furore of adapting the new normal, electric scooters are crowding the streets of Rome. The environment-friendly alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles is the perfect choice in the waves of the pandemic

Authorities have given a green signal to 8 companies to upgrade the micro-mobility landscape in Central Rome – Bird and Lime, to name a few. Soon the cobbled streets are going to be filled with 6,000 e-scooters. Moreover, thousands are on the way.

However, this has caused frown among some local residents. The Mayor of Rome, Mayor Virginia Raggi, has supported electric mobility since bus and metro stations have been closed. ‘

Also, the electric scooters have left a striking impression in Rome’s hills. When the cycles are too steep for the path, the battery-operated vehicles ensure a seamless experience.

The other side of the story paints a different reality – the news of dangerous driving leading to injuries has left many worried.

“They violate every basic road and traffic rule,” commented Carmen Golia as he expressed his concern.

“A regular driving license should be required.”

Many residents took the matter into their hands, but Police issued fines of approximately 400 Euros against 150 users. Still, the residents are not happy with it.

The general manager of Bird for Italy, Cristina Donofrio, remarked on the scenario, “If someone violates the rules we send an alert. If this happens more than once we can impose fines or block the account.”

In the upcoming months, the number of electric scooters can touch the mark of 16,000.

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