How the Future of Travel will Look Like Post-Covid? WWTC Shares an Important Report

By webmanager, eTurboNews 28th Sep 20 3:42 pm

The World Travel & Tourism Council published a new report reviewing the suggestions of 4 travel and tourism-linked concerns. Amid the global pandemic, these macro-trends have emerged – Innovation and Digitization, Demand Evolution, Health and Hygiene, and Sustainability.

The report puts focus on the necessity of undertaking a globally synchronized approach to speed up the recovery. This draws attention to the fact that the public and private entities are responsible for fruitful practices which can reconstruct traveler confidence, retrieve affected jobs, and increase the sector’s resilience.

70% of North American travelers expressed interest in booking during COVID-19 if they did not have to pay anything for changes. 69% of travelers are concerned with cleanliness and expect tourists to pay attention to health and hygiene more, after the COVID-19 vaccine.

For Demand Evolution, the present consumer behavior chooses predictable and familiar travel options. Outdoor experiences, thorough planning, and domestic vacations will triumph for a short period.

President & CEO of WTTC, Gloria Guevara, said, “This comprehensive research paves the road to recovery for the Travel & Tourism sector. While there is still work to be done, this gives us insight into how we can best approach recovery and offers a vision and hope to the sector. It is crucial that we continue to learn from previous crises and come together in a coordinated way to make a real difference in reducing both the economic and human impact.

“The economic pain and suffering caused to millions of households around the world, who are dependent upon Travel & Tourism for their livelihoods, is evident.

“We strongly believe that by working as and by taking a coordinated approach, we can beat COVID-19 and return to safe travels with world class standards of hygiene to travellers and regenerate the jobs and livelihoods of the 330 million people who worked in the sector before COVID-19.”

In 2019, WTTC published report stating that the travel and tourism sector was responsible for 330 million jobs.

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